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Be Safe

Prevention Information

Risk Of

Mixing Drugs/Fentanyl

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Get Narcan


Risk of

Mixing Drugs/Fentanyl

Be Safe

Prevention Information

Get Help Now 988 logo

For medical emergencies, call 911

For mental health emergencies, call or text 988

For opioid medication treatment, click here

How To Get Narcan

Get Narcan (Naloxone) and Always Carry it With You

Call or Email

To get Narcan (Naloxone) anywhere in New Mexico, call (505) 270-5943 or email

Order Online

Individuals can order Narcan (Naloxone) here.

In Person

Narcan (Naloxone) is also available at your local Public Health Office, through some health-related community organizations, and pharmacies.

Click HERE to find naloxone near you.

Find Narcan (Naloxone)

Narcan (Naloxone) Refills & Replacements

Refills – Ask your pharmacist or provider.

Expired – Call a Prescription Drug Overdose (PDO) County Coordinator:

Learn How to Administer Narcan

If someone overdoses, give them Narcan, call 911 immediately, and provide rescue breathing until they can breathe on their own.

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