How To Give Narcan

To Get Narcan Anywhere in New Mexico, call (505) 270-5943

Find Narcan (Naloxone)

Narcan (Naloxone) Refills & Replacements

Refills – Ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Expired – Call a Prescription Drug Overdose (PDO) County Coordinator:

Bernalillo County(505) 246-1638 for both English and Spanish

Santa Fe and Rio Arriba Counties: English 505-376-7602, 505-901-9020 or 505-231-0652 and Spanish 505-983-6158

Learn How to Administer Narcan (Naloxone)

If someone overdoses, give them Narcan (Naloxone), call 911 immediately, and provide rescue breathing until they can breathe on their own.

ADOR Narcan Guide English